“We wanted to create the restaurant of our dreams in the heart of Trastevere: inside there are our roots and our desires”
Andrea & Simone

Online Booking

Below is the answer to all the frequently asked questions about the booking system!

How can I reserve a table?
1. Select the tour of your interest from the “Prenotazione/Reservation” drop-down.
2. Click on the type of table you are interested in, for example “For 2 people”.
3. Click on “Continua”.
4. Select the day and time you are interested in from the existing shifts.
5. Click on “Continua”.
6. Enter Name, Surname, Email and Telephone number, in case of urgent communications we will know how to notify you.
7. Click on “Conferma”
8. At the end click on “Terminato”


Punctuality is essential for proper compliance with the dedicated time slots. Delays do not guarantee a reserved table and will be managed by our staff based on the turnout of the venue upon arrival.

Didn’t you find a place at Tonnarello’s
Know that there are also places by Nannarella (CLICK HERE) and Otello (CLICK HERE)!


In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions before booking a table at Tonnarello

Do you serve gluten free- vegan- vegetarian dishes?
All the first courses on the menu can be made with gluten free pasta.
Do you have gluten free pizza or bread?
We do not have gluten free pizza.
Are there car parks nearby?
There are no car parks in the area, you can park on the Lungotevere at Ponte Sisto / Piazza Trilussa.
Is it possible to pay by credit card?
We regularly accept credit cards.
Are dogs allowed inside the restaurant?
Small / medium sized dogs are welcome.
Do you have high chairs for children?
We have comfortable seats for children.


PLEASE NOTE: The table is guaranteed within the time specified in the booking. Thank you.


the heart of Rome

And why we are here

“When fifty is over,
maximum attention is warned,
light at dinner, nothing at breakfast
and the eighties are almost insured.

But today that if the day survives,
who respects her more admonition?
It’s mejo living a day like a lion
than thirty years of a hungry sheep. “

Aldo Fabrizi


carbonara or aperitif

We are always here for you
We are in the heart of the Roman tradition, in the center of culture, in the point with the highest density of restaurants in the capital. For this we must be an excellence in our sector. We offer you Roman dishes at their best, a staff at your disposal who will always welcome you with a smile, all the space of our 5 rooms at your disposal.


first of all

And the service, our flagship

Our workhorse are the Tonnarelli, handmade, in the same way as our grandmothers. Then the saltimbocca alla romana, the lamb, the oxtail, the meatballs for all tastes.

Each ingredient is carefully selected, the presentation of the dishes is never left to chance, and our guys in the dining room are trained to give you the best of experiences.

We don’t talk about Tiramisu, you have to come and taste it.


the tradition of Rome

And how we like to interpret it

The best Roman cuisine: where if not in Trastevere?

What we want to do at Tonnarello is to give you the best possible experience, to make you rediscover traditional dishes with our personal interpretation; without upsetting, but giving our touch to dishes that have been in our DNA for generations.



“Happiness is in the eyes of our customers, our goal is to please them all, so we decided to open another office in Piazza della Scala, where we are waiting for you to spend new and wonderful moments together, always in the splendid setting of Trastevere” .
Andrea & Simone


Authentic Roman Tradition
What do guests say about us?
“Chi si loda si imbroda” and then we decided to give the floor directly to our customers by catching the latest reviews directly from TripAdvisor!

We work hardly and fast with effort to satisfy everybody, you can come directly to the restaurant: we suggest to arrive before rush time, i.e. before 12,00 for lunch and before 19,00 for dinner and in a few minutes we’ll be able to give you a table.

We do not take reservations by phone or by email (we cannot manage them), to get a table by us you just need a bit of patience and avoid the rush time in order to save yourself a long wait.

The kitchen is open everyday all-day long no stop since 11,00h till 23,30h 👍🏻

Thanks for you Comprehension 🙏

Thanks for you Comprehension 🙏

(Since 1876 Trastevere)


Via della Paglia, 1-2-3


Piazza della Scala, 19-21

Via della Paglia, 1/2/3, 00153 Roma RM

Mon – Sun: 11:00 A.m. – 11:00 P.m.

Piazza della Scala, 19, 00153 Roma

Mon – Sun: 11:00 A.m. – 11:00 P.m.